What is the longest flight you can possibly fly

So I was wondering what the longest possible flight is in infinite flight, (not your longest, THE longest), and I’d appreciate it if you could also tell me the route and waypoints for it. Thanks.

Does this count? It says longest flight ever, and OP states it wasn’t his longest flight.

Looks like 158 hours is the longest


The word “flight” is being a little bit generous here lol


The longest probably between 13 and 15 hours

Ah yes thank you!

Oh, haha, I just noticed that. Thanks for pointing it out though.

Yeah, if you want to fly “normally” you can try to piece together a 32:30 route using a 77L by frankensteining two simbrief plans together. Unfortunately since this is highly wind dependent I can’t give you a flight plan (it’ll vary).

The process is to get the first flight (let’s say LAX-LHR) and then cut off the STAR and a couple wpts before and put it somewhere. Then get another flight that connects (LHR-SYD) and cut off the SID and a couple wpts after and append it. Then put LAX-SYD into Simbrief and manually paste your frankenstein plan into the route section and then create the FPL. Note that it only shows up to 24 hours so you will have to determine flight time based on the report it gives you which has departure and arrival times.


Nah… a LOT more than that, like 18 hours or something, jfk to Singapore or Auckland

I mean the longest commercial flight is 18.5 hours so the longest possible flight is even longer than that.

The longest without mid air refueling and with no cargo or passengers is probably KBOS-YPPH. I would think the a350 could do this.

You could get someone to do aerial refueling for you and pretty much fly forever.

Boston and Perth are almost antipodal but if you really want to push IF aircraft to the limit you’ll need to go further than that. It’s Simbriefed at 21:48 which means you can fly it in both A330s (2 hours reserves), A350 (4.5 hours), A380 (45 minutes), 767 (6 hours), all 777s (4-11 hours depending on model), 788 (1 hour), and MD-11 (9 hours).

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I just meant the longest distance flight that you could do. Obviously you could go farther than that but it wouldn’t make sense to do.

Longest was 15 hours almost 16

Irl 20 hours for a scheduled flight,

and something like a month in that one Cessna mission in the 50’s

theoretically you can fly continuously non stop for as long as you like if you have an aircraft which has air to air refuelling capabilities

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This is the longest flight I have recreated in IF. Just under 23 hours.