What is the longest delay you have had while flying?

What is the longest delay you have had when flying? Mine has been 14 hours at KDEN going to KBZN
This topic also includes missed flights and canceled flights as well


Probably not as bad as your delay but I had a delay a few years ago back in the US and it was somewhere between 3 and 5 hours whilst returning to Sydney from Dallas.

NB: It was actually a delay with American Airlines on the way from Dallas to Orlando**

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Wow I was flying from KDEN-KBZN and we missed our flight luckily United booked me and my family on a hotel on them and do you remember if you flew on an A380 or not?

The longest I’ve had is about 6 hours. The 7pm QantasLink flight to Mildura is cursed. Every Friday, it is always delayed. We’ve taken the service 4 times now and they’ve all been delayed by around 6 hours.

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The same thing happens to my mom when she flies to Charlottesville out of any airport or any airline except KIAD or United she ether misses her flight or it is delayed

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My longest delay was
25 hours


My longest delay was 6 hours with Wizz Air, from Bratislava, Slovakia to Warsaw, Poland. I payed 9€ for the flight but got 250€ for the compensation.

And in the summer I also had a cancelled EasyJet flight from Basel, Switzerland to Barcelona, Spain. I was rebooked on a flight 24 hours later.

About 12 hours. First my train coming to the airport was running late due to freight traffic on the line, then when I got to the airport they said the plane was being switched, then they had to unbowed us all since that plane also had a problem. And yeah. Don’t fly spirit.

(JK it was American Airlines, but still don’t fly spirit)

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Was it with Ryannair by chance?

My longest delay was 2 hours with Avianca from Los Ángeles to San Salvador. People was taking forever to board the aircraft

I was booked for a flight with Singapore airlines that was supposed to take off at 1am. Ended up departing at 9pm that evening

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It was with norwegian

My longest delay was around 4 hours on BA because something on their 787 wasn’t working so they had to get a new one.

Though a couple years ago I was flying from London to Riga on Ryanair, and I got to the gate, but they had a gate change, and the gate I was at had a flight to Dublin, and I couldn’t make the other flight in time. So I ended up staying in a Stansted hotel😂

Back in 2017 I had a delay of a whopping eight hours on a flight from Frankfurt to Nairobi. Lufthansa needed to pay me 600€ compensation which was more than the actual ticket cost, so I flew for free basically.

Another really annoying delay I had occurred in Boston. I was on my way to Newark on United, we boarded with a delay of two hours, which is okay. We taxied to the runway and as we waited for t/o clearance the airspace got closed due to a heavy thunderstorm. Ended up in Manhattan at 3am instead of 6pm.


My longest was 2 hours tied for EK and KQ.

For EK, DXB had to be temporary shut down for 1h due to drone intrusion. This was circa 2016 as I was flying OMDB-LFPG.

For KQ, the E190 supposed to operate our flight had a technical snug. We had to wait as they prepped a standby aircraft for us. Route: HKJK-HKKI.

Can’t blame the airlines here.

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My worst ever delay was about 4 hours from GMMN to EGCC. I’ve been kind of lucky with delays. I’ve only had delayed flights a couple of times.

Mine was around 4-5 hours when i was travelling with my school from WSSS to YMML… literally the flight supposed to be 11pm and we left at 4am

Once had to land in Nurnberg because Munich had already closed. Due to 5 hour delay on a flight that was already quite late and Munich law of no flights after midnight and before 5 AM. That was pretty horrible.

My longest delay whas 1 day…

Not that long, 5 hours on an Emirates flight from Milan to JFK, but I’m eligible for a €600 compensation so I guess that’s nice.

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I was omw from Amsterdam to Madrid and then from Madrid to Luanda. I had to wait ten hours at Madrid so I went to the Real Madrid Stadium.