What is the logic behind saying reports are not punishments?

I get that getting a report is an opportunity for learn, but I don’t get the logic behind everyone saying that getting reported is not a punishment. Getting reported once, whatever. But getting reported six times gets you kicked off expert and out of a lot of VAs, and if that is not a punishment then I don’t know what is (I guess you could use a second google account but that still costs money).


I think that if you get reported 6 times, there is a good reason for putting you back to Training and Casual server. For example when you spawn in on expert server it says that expert is a serious server, but casual and training are not serious servers.


A serious user definitely has the capability of making 6 honest mistakes in a year, especially with higher ATC involvement these day. IMHO this is not the right way to classify serious users anyways.


I totally agree with this, expert is supposed to be a server with pilots who won’t make mistakes too often. It was also a good thing that they upped the grade 3 requirements

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i agree with your points, but level 2 and level 3 violations are not mistakes you can make 6 times a year honestly.

say you get reported once for not gong around, or passing the hold short.

I would think that a serious user would take extra care next time to make sure they don’t make the same mistake.

there’s only so many things we can report you for, and they’re all quite reasonable.


That’s true. BUT making 6 mistakes that are a violation of level 2 & 3 is pretty hard especially with pretty clear ATC instructions. Serious users are people who want to fly well, realistically, and follow ATC instructions.


btw, this is coming from an IFATC controller, grade 4 pilot, with 3 total violations ever, all level 1s, and absolutely no level 2/3 reports ever

my point in adding that is, its very easy to not get 6 high-level violations in one year

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The training and casual servers are for trolls, 60 degree takeoffs and busting LAX or LHR at 10 ft

edit: And taxiing through grass

Especially if you are a serious user like the people on expert are supposed to be

When you get reported, this is the time you should learn about your mistakes and watch tutorials so it doesn’t happen again. I personally felt that I am a better pilot now in IF. It also is expert server, and everyone is expected to be professional.


I actually got the weirdest of reports once and it got reverted. Otherwise I only have 6 violations.
It really depends on how often you fly though. When I’m really into flying I would fly every day and at some point I’m gonna blank out when taxiing and run into someone (I got away with this once somehow already).

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reports are supposed to be learning experiences. the point of us pointing out a mistake is in the hope that you won’t repeat it. but if you choose not to learn from your mistakes, then it becomes punishment.


I agree with @robert_xing. It isn’t easy getting 6 violations, unless you were doing things wrongly.

I don’t think this is a punishment either ;)

Usually we IFATC try to give warnings before reporting, and if not corrected, you will be reported.


Actually now I think more about it I think it is fair to to say it’s hard to get 6 honest mistakes in a year, and having them all be reports is pretty hard. I actually only ever got reported once, and it was reverted. Reason was I rejected right after starting an expedited takeoff because I thought the aircraft on a 2nm final behind me called a go around, but it was another aircraft with a similar callsign on the other runway. A mod got involved and thought it was an honest enough mistake that I got it reverted.


Given this I do think a better report model would be to give level 2 violation for first incident in the past year, level 3 for second incident with same reason, and kick off expert for 3 or 4 level 3 in a year or something. Obviously unprofessional behaviour like running into another plane should be instant level 3 still.

For the sake of realism, IRL, if you got a high-level report (called a ‘pilot deviation’) six times, it’d look EXTREMELY bad on your record. No airline would probably ever hire you.

You have 6 reports, then back to training you go, to learn from your mistakes. And over time, if you show that you’ve learned, and with a good attitude, you might even be able to apply for VAs again.

If you feel your reports are unreasonable, arm yourself with your replay file and message the controllers who report you.


Because, if you have been reported 7 times, you obviously haven’t learned, whih meand you need longer to try and learn.

Well… I was a serious G3 player, but I’m not going to winge for now (this could just possibly spark an argument so no references, but there is a huge fight on the IFC for those G3 requirements).

You usually won’t get a violation for a honest mistake. Violations are only used as a last resort. If it’s a small mistake, you’ll almost always get a warning to give you time to fix your mistake before getting violated.

5 violations in a year is more than enough. If you actually bother to learn and improve every time you get a check help pages message or get a violation by contacting your controller and checking the user guide along with other tutorials, you shouldn’t ever get 5 violations in a year.


I have been flying with IF for at least 6 years and I’ve been reported once.

Avoiding more reports has not been difficult in any way. All you have to do is pay attention to your surroundings and listen to ATC.