What is the largest aircraft that you have ever seen?

747 Silkway at Chicago O’Hare

Also, every time I go to my main airport, Detroit Metro, I see the Delta 747 which will be gone soon :(


Qantas A380 landing at DFW originating from Sydney.


Everyday either a Lufthansa, Air France, Or British Airways A380 Pass right over my house to come in for landing and take off at KMIA! Other than that a KLM Sky cargo 747-400ERF and a british airways 747 With incredibly loud Rolls Royce Engines Pass over head, when it is taking off it roars and when it is landing it has a high pitch whiny sound. Lol

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An a380 at ATL taxing to its gate( forgot what livery it was).

She’s in there somewhere.


I have flown on the mighty a380


Hundreds of 747s and A380s I’ve seen on approach to Sydney. I saw at least 5 this morning, there was a line of heavies.

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A380’s cruise over my house every day. Mostly Emirates from Dubai to some American cities.

Emirates A380-800 at EDDL


Virgin Atlantic B747 but that will change when I go to Heathrow in a few weeks and I’ll very likely see an A380

An-124 and Qantas A380.

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Cessna c172.
No its a prank. Airbus 380

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Singapore Airlines A380

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I still remembered when I have a photo of Singapore Airlines A380 in Changi 😂. It sucks though.

Emirates, Lufthansa, and Singapore Airlines A380-800s are the biggest airliner I have ever seen with my eyes. I’ll check the photos first

An-225 in LSZH👨🏽‍✈️(25.9.2013)

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Antonov 225 at Perth Airport in 2016


Emirates A380 at Perth airport Western Australia 🇦🇺

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Emirates a380 at VHHH.

The Qantas A380 after arrival into Sydney


I’ve seen lots of A380s before - try looking out the window at DXB 😋
And I’ve been on 6

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