What is the Iraqi Airways Boeing 737-800 "For Gov't of Iraq"?

I was looking on the Iraqi Airways Wiki page, and it said in the current fleet chart they have 15 Boeing 737-800s, with 15 on order. 14 of the 15 are used for commercial service, but there is one that has only buisness class, with a total of 75 business class seats. It’s noted saying “Operated for Government of Iraq”. Does anyone know its tail number/registration, what flights its used for and any other information you may have about it? Also if you guys have a picture of said plane, please share that as well if you wish.

Thank you.


It’s sure interesting, but I don’t think that plane would be very visible, or if it had published registrations then maybe, but I wouldn’t count on it…

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Probably used for official Government business

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Im not sure if its YI-ASF that is the government one. Thanks for the input!

It actually is YI-ASF

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Wait so YI-ASF is the government operated 737 with the 75 buisnees class seats?

FromwhatGoogle says yes

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Ok but what flights is it used for?

Most likely VIP flights.

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Are they able to be tracked on flight aware on certain routes? Does it follow a schedule?

Also what article did u read to be certain that YI-ASF is the Government plane?

In the configuration section

Ok. Are you able to get the Iraqi Airways website working? None of the buttons work.

Nope, they dont work for me.

Do you have any advice? I need to get all the flights for Iraqi Airways and thier schedule too.

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