What is the hardest aircraft to land in IF?

717, Q-400, 777, C208, or any fighter jet.

Really, that’s odd how you mention the Caravan, because I love it with a passion (we’re all different though). Have you ever landed closer to the MLW? It almost flies/lands better that way, and speeds of 75-85 kts over the runway threshold.

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i see a lot of people saying 717… it’s actually really easy to butter the aircraft. but for me the hardest is probably the crj jets

Well in my opinion it’s a difficult aircraft to land @D_Woods

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Caravan is fairly easy to land imo

777 is really easy it’s kinda difficult to do a hard landing.

I’m starting to get the hang of it myself, and I find it’s quite a bit easier than the Skyhawk most days. I’ve been enjoying my touch and goes in it a lot.

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I’d say the TBM-930 is close in second, but nothing is harder than the X-Cub. I’ve actually spent time practicing landing this plane, and even with 0 knots of wind it’s very, very difficult to land. I haven’t really got the knack with the shape of the plane, where the front gear land first. I often then pull up to lower the rear gear either too violently, or too early so that I just take off again 😂

With the TBM-930, you just have to have an incredibly low vertical speed, anything stronger than about -150fpm could bounce the plane I’ve found. Surprisingly, I find the A380 quite difficult too, I find massive amounts of trim necessary else I put too much force on the nose gear and “spin”.

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Anything that is not the 777-300ER. That plane is flawless

The 717 as the physics are awful!!

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Welcome to the community😉

The C-17. This wonderful aircraft is one of the original IF planes and badly in need of an update

it really likes to bounce.

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