What is the hardest aircraft to land in IF?

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As you can tell by the topic linked above I had a previous topic about this a few years ago. There are now many new members, so what aircraft do you guys find the hardest to land in IF?


Definitely the X-Cub, but it’s challenge is definitely worth flying and landing it and very rewarding!


X-cub in a crosswind it’s impossible

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For me it’s the 717. That plane finna scuffed.


Thats basically the same thing for i really got to work on my skills for the 717! 🙃😅

The spitfire

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Personally, I’ve never been able to land the 717-200! Very strange dynamics and a tricky aircraft.

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In terms of GA, the X Cub. As for commercial aviation, 717-200.


717 if we talk about airliners, X-Cub if we talk about all aircraft. I always skid off the runway when landing that thing. And then there’s the Spitfire… I rarely ever get to land that thing cause I always crash on take off with it

The Spitfire is legit impossible and put up every stat to do with wind to max and you can’t even takeoff

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717 is kinda easy but it’s always a Ryanair landing


For sure. I barely fly it because of this

F-16C hands down.

Although… the hardest ever aircraft to land is the Spaceship.

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In my opinion the B717 is the hardest aircraft to land. My landings with this plane are even harder than a typical ryanair landing !


I find with the spitfire upon take off is full throttle to gain speed , reduce at 60 kph to mid throttle upon 70kph slowly raise throttle to 60% till 100kph then full throttle and lift

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I think the hardest aircraft to land in IF is the 717.

Just operated the 717 no issues, landed smoothly

but some people (like me) have trouble landing the 717. We have differences.

After all, these are opinions

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Seems like everyone agrees with the 717, as expected