What is the generic Vne for the C-130 Fleet?

MaxSez: Rode the 130 J down from its service ceiling to FL100. Maxed out at 525k. No Red Line or overspeed warning noted. Are overspeed/airframe limiting parameter warnings built into the 130 models?


Just a guess but I know they weren’t put into the fighters because they aren’t published. The C-130 may also fall in that category.


Why it’s a real trash hauler. Saw one yesterday touting along at 590+ cgs.

Lockheed C-130 Hercules/Top speed 368 mph (621.2 k) calibrated air speed (Lockheed)

@David… Noted the check mark & Brain Fart k/mph math error. Other wise where’s the red line limiter & warning set?
(Thanks for not shaming me Dave!)

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Shame you? Pardon? I’m unclear on whether or not there’s supposed to be an Overspeed warning for the C130s. I had assume not, but then I got a warning once but couldn’t duplicate it.


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