What is the furthest you flew with the A320 family?

I’ve seen some people claim they’ve flown trans-Siberian with the A320. Just wondering, how far have you guys flown without refueling?
My furthest I think is Chicago to Warsaw on the A319, thanks to some strong winds and provided I did semi-glide from 35,000 feet and almost missed the runway

KJFK-EGLC A318 That’s my longest flight with an A320 family aircraft.


San Jose - Boston

Same thing as alpha dog

Not an actual route but Toulouse to Columbia, it was a test flight, 9 hours about :)

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I flew Dublin to Minneapolis with Aer Lingus A321 which took 7 hours 14 minutes

Mine was Santiago (SCEL) to São Paulo (SBGR) on a LATAM A320, almost 4 hours.

Montreal-Mirabel to Zurich in an A319, simulating the delivery flight of HB-JCS (a SWISS A220-300)!

Flight time was 07:43!

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If you are counting the A321 then Vancouver (CYVR) to Papeete (NTAA). It was about 10hrs and 4500nm (ish). But the longest flight with an A318/19/20 was Anchorage to Oslo using the SAS A319. It was about 8.5hrs and 3200nm. The longest A320 flight ive ever done (with stops) was Portland to Brisbane via Honolulu and Papeete (KPDX-PHNL-NTAA-YBBN) it was 17.5hrs and about 8000nm.

wow thats far

wow. i should improve my step climbing and fuel saving

I took a full thrust takeoff at London City and directly flew to the other side of the Atlantic by not taking a stop at Shannon.

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havent done that before

Dublin to Naples for me.

Never done it, but A321 can go for like 13 hours on empty load lol

You don’t need to step climb, I don’t. For the PDX-BNE flight I only had 102 passengers and about 4000lbs of cargo. For YVR-PPT I had about 140-160 passengers and about 5000-6000lbs of cargo. Its easier to do longer flights with less passengers and cargo.


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