What is the FPV and how do I turn it on/off?

The 18.4 release brings with it a new systems page which allows for better management of the buttons. One of the most common questions is “What is FPV?”.

First, if you are not familiar with all of the elements of the HUD take a moment to reference Mark Denton’s wonderful info-graphic.

What is FPV?

FPV stands for Flight Path Vector. The FPV is the circular icon at the middle of HUD while in the air. The circle represents where your plane is headed based on variables such as wind/weight/etc. In comparison the Attitude Indicator indicates where the nose of your aircraft is pointing.

When the wind is calm, majority of the time these two indicators pretty much line up. In a crosswind landing these two indicators are often to the side of each other.

How to turn it on/off?

18.4 introduces the option to turn off the FPV icon. This is yet another way to add realism since it can be toggled on/off in the real world for some aircraft. To toggle it on and off, press the systems button to open the systems menu and then select the FPV button. The button with be in an orange border indicating it is turned on. The FPV is on by default.




Great explanation! This is much appreciated. Thank you :)


Look at that ancient screenshot of Pre-Global!

I’ve always wondered what the FPV does, doesn’t bother me and I always keep it on, Great little tutorial!


Just to confirm, the FPV is the exact same “circle thing” I mentioned in this topic. Correct?

And turning it off on some aircraft would make it disappear right?



This feature addition was in response to this topic:


But this helped me a lot with understanding the HUD it helps me a lot 🙂

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Wondering what that was didn’t want to press it when I first noticed it mid-flight,
could of been a self destruct button for all I knew lol.

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To figure this out I actually asked a southwest pilot on my flight from SNA-PHX 😂 Gave me a very detailed explanation.

Nice job
Hopefully that helps a lot of pilots out!
Very useful to use

I think it would not be a good idea to take off the FPV, as it is a way to help with landing, especially when it has strong winds at landing. I think you should have the option to disable it for those people who don’t want to use it. But do not definitely remove it.