What is the floating point bug?

Man, I never noticed this when I’m flying :3. Guess I’m not that picky. Don’t really mind, and it doesn’t really bother me at all :3.

Gotta sleep, see you all tomorrow morning :3 keep sharing the love of aviation… and bugs :3.

But isn’t there an option called “Anti-Aliasing”(or something like that) that stops the bug?

That is for increasing aircraft quality I think


Yeah, it smooths the edges of things so you don’t see jagged edges.

The floating point bug happens when you fly a long distance.
It’s due to the way we store the location of the plane. We store it in a 32bit (signed) floating point.

To simplify: floating point means that the numbers left to the decimal point are sharing the 32bits of storage with the numbers to the right of the decimal point.(floating point → the point moves right or left depending on where the space is needed)
The bright side is that it allows us to store very small numbers when we need precision, and very big number when precision doesn’t matter.
But that also means that the more space you take on the left side (the bigger the number is) the less precision you have (less space for the right side).
And that’s what’s happening in infinite flight. The numbers gets so big when you fly accross a region, that the precision gets really bad and makes your plane move like if it is moving on saw teeth.

Aliasing/Anti aliasing is due to the way the graphics are rendered and it’s a separate issue from the floating point bug.


Try develop new algorithm.

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Same here… 😞

Of cos they need implement offline mode, as not all human is connected to internet to play games.


That´s my video. The aircraft shakes a lot.

Yeah, my guess was right. It’s going to be progressive loading a la minecraft chunks.

At about FL200/300 knots with A/P from south-east of the Netherlands to EHAM, my a321 started to point it’s nose up and down. Sometimes even 10° to -10°. When I disarm the ATTHR and reduce the throttle, it stops.

However, it doesn’t shake but it smoothly go’s up and then down.

Is this the floating point bug or not?

Yeah. It will load the scenery that is around you when flying.

Nope, that’s to do with the autopilot (and likely because you’re engaging it when the aircraft is going too fast) - that’s for another topic though :)


What happens when I go far from my departure airport, but then come back?

The effect shouldn’t really be noticeable as you get closer to the origin.


@ValXp @Cameron … MaxSex: I get a warm and fuzzy when the real experts respond with fact rather than conjecture and by gosh & by God! You know what they say; opinions are like (fill in the blank)!

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It is good you actually took the time to learn about it and understand it. I was getting worried for a while. Thanks for instilling some confidence! ;)

It’s an interesting problem to face. Forces you to understand some lower level data types. Many “devs” don’t care about such things anymore.

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Well I’m lucky that you guys made a overspend warning (=

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