What is the first and oldest topic/post in the Infinite Flight community?

As we all know, Infinite flight itself is a very old flight simulator, and so far is the most advanced on mobile. Its initial release was in 2011. It has grown so tremendously over the years. But this begs the question, what was the first and currently oldest topic in the infinite flight community?

New to the infinite flight community

Erm… that’s not the oldest topic…


I’d assume they mean the entire community. Not just you.

According to the URL, this is topic 1 only visible to TL3s.


The first public one was posted a couple days after, which @Z-Tube kindly linked. 👇


The first public topic appears to be this one.


Ohhhh that is why it said access denied. Thank you for sharing!

Wow. I never knew it started on the 1st of may in 2015! Thank you for sharing!

My pleasure. It’s quite fascinating to see the history of the place we know and love today!


Absolutely! And thank god it was created… Imagine the chaos without the IFC

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They needed to have it… obviously in August 2015, I googled for a IF community to join and IFC were juste 3 months old, I can remember some old forum members (which some are still active ^^). It’s incredible how IFC have grown from these times.

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The IFC has really turned into a well-structured forum where others can communicate ideas and learn. Which is the whole purpose of a forum, and Infinite Flight does it so well. Plus the moderators really helped keep this community intact.

It really has grown so much over the past 5 years and I am excited to see what happens in the next 5!

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