What is the Expert Server?

I want to.know how to get to the expert server is it a different mothly package.or is it how.many.flight hours you have and the Grade you nee to have to fly expertโœˆโœˆ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

It is what grade you are. Grade 3 is required

The expert server is reserved for any pilot who is grade 3,4 or 5. This is not a privilege that you can buy through your subscriptions but rather something you have to earn.

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Expert server is a server where grade 3 and above can acsess.It is proffesionalism at its best with realistic ATC controlling and more.

To answer this question you will need to take a look at your grade table.

By getting grade 3 with a certain amount of landings, flight time and XP.

no you get all servers when you buy Infinite Flight pro!

You need 10 hours or more hours, 50 or more landings, 40,000 XP, and 5 landings per 90 days to get grade 3.

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The Expert Server, where anyone who is Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 can enter. From there you roam our planet Earth freely, well as long as you follow the rules.

Just like in Training Server, the same Violation rules apply. But now, ATC, a.k.a IFATC are highly well trained group of individual will be at your service. When entering a airspace that is controlled by ATC, you must no matter what follow their orders so that you may be served by the best of the best service provided. Not following orders or the rules of IFATC and you may end up with a report which will last through 7 days and will be there temporarily for a whole year. You may not gain more than 5 reports in one year or youโ€™re out from Expert for 365 days, a full year.

Also another thing to note would be that unlike Training Server, where ATC can open anywhere, IFATC may only open where they scheduled to be, within that region and especially at the featured airports. The schedule is made by out wonderful Staff member Tyler Shelton and is posted on the Forum and pinned so it is on the top of all other topics on the home screen each and every week. So you canโ€™t possibly miss it.

Other than that, thereโ€™s not much to say. You can free and welcome to enter when you earn the rights to fly in Expert. But the rules are stricter when you are in ATC controlled airspace and under their surveillance. But donโ€™t be scared, you can fly as usual but with few new rules to go by, mostly when it comes to you finding yourself in the vicinity of an controlled airspace :)


So just got to grade 3 so i can answer
50h of flight time
50 landings
No more than 3 violations a week
Not 100% about the number of landing tho

My biggest problem in getting to Grade 3 is my violations/landings. I racked up a bunch of violations on a long haul without realizing it until I ended the flight. Iโ€™m sitting at 0.63, and Iโ€™ve used pattern work to decrease that in short times.

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