What is the exact Atc recruitment process?

Hello there,
Can some one tell the exact Atc recuitment process.I am going to take the test soon,so I thought I should know exactly how it works.I surfed the infinite flight community but didn’t find an exact topic for that.
Thanks INFI

Is this what you’re looking for ?

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I don’t think that has the process,like is there anything after the written or direct practicals?is practicals the last thing you have to pass to become an IFATC?

Initially you have a written exam, then a practical exam.

If you pass everything, you will be able to control small airfields, and then work your way up ;)

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Hello, I am new to IFATC so I can definitely tell you.
Step 1) Message 1 Recruter (I had Julius) and ask to do the test, meet all the requirements.
Step 2) you will do the written test, it’s good to have a piece of paper next to you, if you fail you may have to wait a month or 2 weeks depending on the percentage you got.
If you passed the written test here is step 3
Step 3) organise a time with the recruiter to do a practical.
If you make it then well done!
Im currently eligible to do class Charie and Delta Airports, then can work my way up to doing bravo airports

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Thx guys for clarifying

Good luck!

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Good info above.

I suggest you prepare before contacting a recruiter. Open an ATC tracking thread (search this forum for some great examples), read the #tutorials and check out the IFATC tutorials on YouTube. Build your ATC operations (ops) and get some good feedback on your controlling.


All the best and have fun!


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