What is the effectiveness of online pilot courses?

Hey guys. I hope to one day pursue a career as a pilot whether it be as a commercial airline pilot or a corporate pilot. I have been receiving catalogs from an online flight school, King Schools, who offer hundreds of online pilot courses. I know that not all of a pilot’s education is spent in a classroom, and I hope to fulfill much of my education either by enlisting in the Air Force, attending a university, or entering a traditional flight school. My question is, which courses do I need to take to reach my end goals? Are these courses respected by flight instructors? I would appreciate some input. Thanks!

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I would highly recommend Kings school. Amazing online program

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I’m currently doing Sportys ground school online and it’s pretty awesome! With a wealth of knowledge. Just find a good flight instructor you are comfortable with! Happy flying!!

Yooooo I’m doing the exact same Sporty’s pack for my private. It’s amazing if you sit down and pay attention and grind it out. Find yourself a good helpful instructor and make the best of your time!

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King’s from what I’ve heard is good but slightly cumbersome.

For the passing the written tests specifically I would recommend Sheppard Air

For understanding concepts as well as help with both the checkride and the written, check out www.MZeroA.com (aka Jason Schappert), which has a free 2-week online ground school.

Ok so are those tests required to get into the part where you get into an actual airplane? And where do I take them?

You don’t need to take your written before you start flight classes lol but you do need to take your written test before you can receive your certification. Whichever flight school you choose to attend usually has a testing center either on site or close by that students can use. Ask your instructor before you take the test

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No, those are the written tests you need to take before you take your checkride. There’s no test to actually get in the airplane. You just need to have your written done before your actual checkride.

The FAA has various testing centers, you need to find the one closest to you. You’ll need make an account and do that here: https://faa.psiexams.com/faa/login

What if I do just one course and go to a different school? Wiill the online course be honored? Or is it like a drivers permit test, where they test you no matter who trained you?

For your private pilot certificate, the written test results are valid for 24 calendar months, no matter which school you go to.

Now here I’m assuming you want to do your training under Part 61 (flight school) rather than Part 141 (flying university). We can do a whole separate discussion on that if you want, on PM.

Essentially yes. Regardless of which online course you took, the results of your written are valid for 24 months so you can take your check ride during that time provided you pass your written


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