What is the difference between Thruttle/power and Speed?

I never really ude speed. I just adjust with the thruttle.
Is there anyone who can explain.

Throttle controls the percentage of power you demand from the engines, speed is how fast you are traveling in relation to the wind, IAS, or how fast you are going on the ground, GS.
Also this topic was lackluster in details, in the future to get most efficient help, make sure your topics are easy to understand.


What do you mean by “speed”?.. the autopilot?
If so, the autopilot can maintain the speed that you set it at. If you just use your throttle, then the speed might slowly increase/decrease, and if you change your VS, your speed will drastically increase/decrease.
It’s essentially more convenient and easier.
If you’re talking about the speed of your airplane… your throttle adjusts how much thrust you have which makes you go faster/slower.

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