What is the difference between the Training server and the Expert server?

I was just wondering, what is the difference?


There is a pretty large difference, but at the same time, not really.

The ATC on the expect server are extremely qualified, and can ghost you, while ATC can not ghost you on the Training Server.

The same rules apply, though.


A lot…
Training server is supposed to be where people can train themselves, practice professional ATC communications and flight operations etc. Unfortunately, in the past, it used to be called “the playground server” and people got the wrong idea and thought it was to mess around.
Expert server is where you know what you are doing, rules are heavily enforced, and we use professional ATC communication and flight operation etc to make the simulator as realistic as possible. That’s not to say we don’t get trolls on the expert server, but there are far less of them than on the training server.


You should first equip yourself with aviation language & related knowledge before you enter the expert one, or you’d be reported as this server provides users a realistic experience just as same as a pilot :) If you are new to IF, pls study the relevant sources and familiarize yourself in training server first. Hope this can help you. Good Day!


On expert server you have to follow ATC instructions 100% if you don’t you will most likely be ghoted and lose access to expert server for a week

Not for a week, but a year if you got 5 reports in a year :)

True but to start off its going to be a week

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