What is the difference between headings

I see here is two headings. One is True heading and the other one is Mag heading. I always use Mag heading. The airports runways are Mag heading. I just wanted to know what heading im supposed to go by and what the point of the other one is.

Compass variation is the difference, not important only 2 or 3 degrees normally.

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The magnetic declination, can be higher than 5 degrees, in some world’s areas.
In the real navigation, this value must be corrected in the long routes.
Normally on board we use the gyrocompass which marks the true value and the magnetic is auxiliary.
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True, but I never flew on true north so i don’t know the procedures for that and I don’t think in modern airplanes you still have to worry about those things as we fly on GPS no?

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The GPS, etc…
Are all considered as auxiliary to navigation
By the navigation Easa rules.
You must know the traditional navigation first of all.

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