What is the difference between ATP and ATPL and CPL?

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What is the difference b/w ATPL And ATP and CPL
And is there any other type that is like those
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@Aernout can u tell me

brief description:

PPL = Private Pilots License ; qualified to fly aircraft for pleasure only
CPL = Commercial Pilots License ; Qualified to fly aircraft for reward (get paid). Generally still in GA aircraft, need min 250 hrs to reach this level
MPL = Multi Pilot License, similar to the CPL/IR but set up for specific airlines / aircrafts (Cadets)
ATPL / ATP = Airline Transport Pilots License; This is what allows you to fly large commercial aircraft, gained with a lot more exams to reach this level. If you have under 1500hrs this is informally known as a ‘Frozen’ ATPL which is then issued when you reach the magic 1500hrs.

On top of that there are a raft of other qualifications and exaims such as Type Ratting for different aircraft, Jet Conversion Courses, Crew Resource Management courses etc etc

above is a VERY rough guide, a bit of research on Wikipedia, PPRUNE an dother sources can give you more information.


So CPL will not let me fly a A320?

A CPL-IR-ME (+MCC) is basically a frozen ATPL.

The main difference between cpl / Atpl is experience and with a cpl you are not allowed to operate an airplane as Captain.

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Yes it will even a PPL. But to fly commercial you need a cpl / atpl. Basically a ppl doesn’t allow you to make money while flying.

But I am allowed to fly an A380 with CPL as a First Officer/Co-Pilot?

Yes as long as you have an IR-ME rating.

And concerning the MPL:

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“allowed to” and finding someone who will let you are two different things. The A380 is generally a senior aircraft so would normally see guys with a lot of hours and time with the company sitting in the right hand seat.

For example Emirates ,who only operate Wide-body aircraft, have a min limit of 3000hrs before you can apply as a First Officer. British Airways you need to have min 2000hrs to apply to join the Long Haul Fleet, however as well as the min hour requirements there are a lot of other items that these companies look for in a potential pilot.

he he its OK I don’t work for Oxford or CTC (NOT CAA douh! ) ;-)

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