What is the difference between Airbus A320-212 and A320-214?

Question above explains everything

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Its the same thing :/


If you mean -212 and -214 those are the different engine types

The neo series is officially called A320-271N(WL)

(Changed the title, hope you meant this)

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Well the numbers after the first digit of the last 3 numbers are the airline’s customer code. Ex: A Pan Am 747 would look like this:Boeing 747-121.

The difference between a -212, -214, -216 is the thrust setting

The first digit is the aircraft variant, second is the engine manufacturer and the last one specifies which engine it is from the manufacturer (=higher or lower thrust ratings)

This only applies to Boeing.


So what does Airbus do then?

This is what Airbus does @LufthansaA340

Actually, Boeing uses a very similar system to airbus. The last two digits are actually letters and the 3rd-to-last one indicates the variant.

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