What is the difference between 787-10, 8, and 9?

What are exactly the differences between the 787 aircraft? Other than the liveries being different.

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The length, range etc
The rest is below:


Length, range, capacity, and a few other things.


Longer pencil.


Ah. Pencils.

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Does it have any impact in-game? Any in-game differences?

They all fly relatively the same, but for me the 787-8 feels lighter to fly while the 787-9 and 787-10 fly the same.

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Not much different, It’s like comparing B777-200ER and B777-300ER 😉

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Each time you add a number, you get about 20 more seats.


One is a Marker, One is a Pencil, One is a Pen.


They all have the same engine power so the lighter 787-8 is going to feel more powerful and agile than the longer 787-9 and even longer 787-10

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There were some upgrades that Boeing put into the 789 that weren’t ready yet for the 788, including:

  • Larger tyres + brakes, wider gear trucks
  • a 2-piece tailfin on the 789
  • hybrid laminar-flow control system (leading edge of fin, tailplane)
  • lighter + simpler cockpit surround structure
  • increase in engine thrust
  • more flap settings
  • increased MTOW

that’s aside from the stretch that also occurred

SOURCE: Boeing


I think @Patrick_U covered the pencil joke that’s been beaten to death, too late

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Ok. So the 787-8 feels lighter. I get it now. One isn’t necessarily easier to land, right?

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The 787-10 feels heavy when I first flew it in IF
I made a lot of tail strikes on my takeoff roll on that aircraft :P The others weren’t that heavy and I never made any tail strikes on one of them.

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