What is the difference b/w Support and bugs

What is the difference b/w Support and bugs

Support is the place where you can ask questions about an issue with the app

Bugs is the place where you report bugs, glitches, app crashes. etc.

It make no sense for me explain more pls


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It’s the same

Are you having difficulties to understand English?

Support is with any problem or question or issue you have with infinite flight.

Bugs is where you report glitches or bugs that most likely can’t be fixed without a software update.

If you have a problem with the app, such as a Live Subscription not functioning, you’d contact support (or post in the Support category).

If you’re just reporting a bug, or a software glitch that would require an app update to be fixed (such as ground texture not rendering correctly), it would go in the Bugs category.

Hello Zaid,

Support is where you ask questions about the app (i.e Help with flying, help with purchasing a subscription etc) and Bugs is simply where you report any glitchs or bugs in the game. While were at it, Meta is where you talk about problems with the forum or ask questions about the forum.