What is the delivery airport of boeing

quick question: what is the delivery airport of Boeing, KBFI or KPAE??

The Boeing factories are at KPAE. 😉 You can find more info here:

thnx, was about to take off from the wrong airport

It’s quite confusing, the final preparations for new 737 aircraft are done at KBFI. (After the test flight) So if you want you can be really realistic if your flying the 737.


im in a KLM 777 for a delivery to amsterdam hahah, i was confused i saw " Boeing field" so without thinking i just logged into KBFI

I used to always use KBFI (Boeing Field)…then realised most delivery flights are done from KPAE (Paine Field)

I thought there were three different factory sites - Everett, Boeing field and Renton - with heavies produced in Everett, 737NGs produced in Boeing Field and the newer MAX series produced in Renton.

As for whether the actual delivery flights are flown from all three I’m not too sure.

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And then 787s can also be built/delivered from Charleston

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737 series aircraft are produced in Renton (KRNT) and no aircraft are produced at KBFI… but it is used for testing. Heavies (747, 787, 777) are produced at Paine Field. Boeing’s military aircraft are also made in Paine. Oh yeah, and the 787s are also made in Charleston, SC.

Makes sense, right? 😂

737s get repainted in Paine

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