What is the current non-stop flight time record?

And Antartica loves winds.

Yep, but you can check windy.com to see what’s going on. Although you don’t really have much choice in what latitude you fly at since you need to find an airport relatively close to that latitude and there aren’t that many.

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What wind would you say is ideal?

As little as possible lol

Also, how is it possible you flew 20 MSL? You can’t set the A/P to that.

I wanna do this soon over the summer if I did this I could sleep right?

I’ll leave this for you to figure out.

Yeah. Although I would recommend doing it on a device you don’t care too much about.

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Why would I do it on a device idc about.

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Sigma reply. Just buy a new ipad

I mean if you want to ruin your brand new iPad then that’s not my problem.


What if I keep it on a computer cooler I use it on all my above 2 hr flights.

You can do whatever you see best fit, I’m just saying it how I see it.

Ill do it on my family Ipad on a separate account on casual.

Hmmm, why so?

I’ve already provided you a majority of the documentation in detail. You have to at least put in some work to get the rest.

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That was going to be my last question. Care to answer?

Not really but think about the different ways you can change altitude in this game.

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Did you set a WPT alt, climbed a tiny bit higher and used VNAV?

I don’t know, why not give it a try.

Also, realistically, if you want to beat the record by an appreciable amount you’re going to have to optimize some other part of it. Or you could try to get lucky and go for like 91hr 45m or something.

That certainly did not work. Don’t worry, I will find a way to beat your record, non-stop flying.