What is the current non-stop flight time record?

Im wondering what is the current flight-time record, as im planning on trying to beat it, i keep looking but i cant find a definitive answer, thanks!

@AndrewWu got like 80-something hours once

@iidvdii i believe holds it currently.

91 hours nonstop, but many people have done 100+ albeit with stops.

Edit: just realized the title says nonstop. As far as I’m concerned I still hold the documented record.


Did they aerial refuel you?

No, one tank only.

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91 hours huh? I’ll beat that. soon
How did you even fly 91 hours non stop

Fly a military aircraft and use arieal refuling.

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I’ll schedule this type of training with GAF soon then

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I mean that technically counts but that’s lame. Beat my record without refueling and then I’ll respect it.

Care to say how did you do it?

Without refuelling

No, why would I ever do that?

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So, you used the DC-10. How did you make that flight plan, and why over Antartica?

I just typed out the flight plan using coordinates. Over Antarctica because there’s no terrain above and below the 60th parallel.

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So with a DC-10 you took off from an airport, cruised at 20000, and turned off engines (exept 1) close to cruise?

And that is an est. of 91-93 hours?

I’ve convinced you didn’t even try to read the post.


I did read it, I just do not understand.

20 MSL, although I ended up flying at 30 b/c 20 is extremely unforgiving. If you encounter the wrong winds at 20 you’re going to crash.