What is the cruising altitude rule

Can anyone help me with the cruising altitude? please and thank you.

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VFR up to FL180

What that says about 4000-foot intervals above FL290 only applies with non-RVSM airspace, which is fairly rare these days with advanced instrumentation, etc.

The odd for 360-179 and even for 180-359 works for almost anywhere you’ll find yourself.

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I still don’t get it sorry

If your magnetic heading is 360 to 179, fly at an odd flight level^ (e.g. FL310, FL330, FL350)

If it’s 180 to 359, fly at an even flight level (e.g. FL320, FL340, FL360)

It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

^(If IFR, for the nit pickers who would inevitably clutter it up.)

ok thanks for the help

Bumping this as I see many pilots on expert cruising at wrong altitude.


When going east, cruise at an odd altitude
When going west, cruise at an even altitude

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360-179 magnetic heading, odd flight level.
180-359, even.


Do you know why those numbers are on top of the plane?

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Those are their Altitude relative to his in Flight Level. For example, if he’s at FL 80 (8000ft) and someone was at FL 100 (10000ft) it would have a +20.


@DiamondGaming4 in the US Flight Level doesn’t begin until 18000, this varies by country but generally FL180 and above is what you will see referenced in terms of Infinite Flight.

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It was just an example;)

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