What is the Craziest Pilot You've Seen While Controlling?

There are a lot of crazy (I refer to them as drunk) pilots on the training server, and I mean a LOT. I want to know some of your craziest while controlling, because I’ve had a few.

Here’s one, I’ll start us off:
Had a pilot doing patterns at EGLL and he would take off 28R and ask to land 09L, when I had planes taking off and landing. One time he even nosedived at 230 knots from 1000 feet to make the runway.

But I want to know yours!


People landing on opposite runway ends…you know how that ends.

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people just doing flips when landing and taking off on the taxi way

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One time I was controlling, and this CRJ took off with the door still open! ;)


Yeah, I’ve seen countless others taking off with doors open.

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Pretty much any time @RTG113 spawns in for me.


Every pilot at KLAX on Training server


God, don’t get me started on what I have seen over in LA.


I was doing a group flight from a uncontrolled airport, Miami, and were all in C130s. We literally start doing wheelies on the taxiway. Not controlling but still funny

I hope this was casual, because if it wasn’t, I can’t imagine the possible violations and ghostings.

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um that was probably me I always forget to close my doors ;-;

Today, I saw Harrison Ford on the training server. They totally buttered the bread. The second smoothest landing I’ve seen on IF. If only it wasn’t on a taxiway…


The person that just doesn’t cares

Everything. Even rude callsigns etc…

Well when deer comes and everyone wants to follow him around. They all request for pushback at the same time.

The same thing happened when I had a fake Swiss001 spawn in at KLAX. Immediately afterwards, I saw people chasing him at 50 knots, taxiing through grass, spamming ATC.

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I had one pilot coninously spamming me once at KJFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport). In general, the person who doesn’t care is the ones who I don’t like the most on my number one (1) list. For an example: I had one aircraft attempting to land on the opposite runway of 27L at EGLL while on the apporach frequency, I continously attempted to give the aircraft a proper heading to get the aircraft to join the pattern and to get the aircraft to land on the correct side of the runway but the aircraft didn’t listen to me and did what they wanted :/.

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