What is the correct way to use "Send Traffic Advisories"?

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Second, I closed this before because I WAS apart of a VA that said I shouldnt have brought this here. Well I’m no longer apart of that VA, and my questions still weren’t answered. Without going into it too much, what is the correct usage of traffic advisory and who determines the runway currently in Use at an uncontrolled airport. Expert server. Please help I come humbly.

4 aircraft using Unicom inbound to an airport in a certain flow should be enough of a clue without needing anyone to send traffic advisories.
The traffic advisories are sent to make people aware of what runways are being used, position etc.

Understood but there was no flow and an aircraft had JUST landed on the runway I took off from.

The Aircraft 25 miles to the south was saying to use a certain runway and I didn’t listen because… He’s 25nm miles south of the runway I’m taking off north.
He wanted the runway opposite I was taking off from.
And he’s 25 miles behind me telling me that he wants the opposite runway.

Nobody really determines a runway in use since there’s no controller but real life points out the right of way rules between aircraft. 25 miles out you should be okay to depart just turn to avert.

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Thank you for ur input.

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