What is the correct takeoff and climb vertical speeds?

When taking off I generally climb at about 4000fpm until about 12,000ft at which point I lower the vertical speed to about 1500fpm until 15,000ft which is my cruising altitude. Due to the short flights in infinite flight I cruise at 15,000ft although with global in the near future cruising altitudes are going to increase. I was wondering if the procedure I use at the moment is the same as in real life although if not what is the correct procedure to takeoff and climb to cruising altitude ? Please let me know any tips to improve. Also at what altitude does the aircraft generally lower its vertical speed ?


Can’t give you a definitive answer since what you are looking for is dependent on the aircraft and route of flight. FYI, 4000fpm is a bit on the high side. No more than 3000fpm is needed. 😊


this is a generic question

takeoff and climb vspeeds are dependent on many different factors


I use between 1800 and 2200 for ascent and 1500 - 1800 descent.
Normally cruise at 12100 or 15000


1800 is normal for a large machine like a 747, for example.

Different airports have different climb requirements and restrictions based on obstacles and other factors. Like stated above, 4000 is a bit high. Try keeping it around 1500-3000fpm :)


I suggest getting flight radar 24 and watch real airplanes and see what they do. I’ve noticed the cargo planes often climb and descend at a higher rate than passenger carrying planes. For FedEx departures of 4000 vs is not all that uncommon up to 10000 feet

Thanks for the advice. I was wondering if you knew at what altitude the aircraft begins to level off ?

Normally at 10,000 they will lower their rate as the air gets thinner (less lift) and they can go faster (the 250knot restriction is real), they level off at their cruising altitude

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What vertical speed do they continue to climb at ?

Cruise allude should be determined (at least in IF) by length of the flight. Not all flights should have the same cruise altitude. To answer your question, anywhere from 1500-3500 is reasonable in a jetliner. Vs will vary depending on weight

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From what I’ve seen 1000-2000

Ok thanks for your help

My cruise altitudes in IF are from FL340-FL500, on airliners my VS is usually 3100 and i cruise at FL500 in fighters where i just do a full throttle unrestricted climb until i get there.

Most commercial planes take V1 near 130. But it is different by rwy lengths and types. When you are airborne you can rather go NADP1 or 2. But I just take VS3000. When descending VS-1300 is good.

In the 737, I rotate at 140kt, climb at 3000fpm, cruise between FL160-280, decend between 1500-2500VS until FL110, 1500VS under 250kts until pattern altitude, 800VS when on the glideslope.

I believe that the rotate pitch is 15 degrees.
A pilot of an A330 told me this so I think that applies for that aircraft I don’t know about others.

Lots of factors play into that simple question. But, for me I generally do 2200-2400FPM until at cruise.


I’m pretty sure irl Frontier climbs out at 3300FPM. Don’t quote me on that though,

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No wonder everytime i go on them i feel like im on a rollercoaster.

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