What is the correct N1 for the A380 during cruise?

Typically N1 (the number above the throttle) is supposed to be between 70-85% during cruise but I’m finding it impossible to do this with the A380 (I’m cruising at N1 95% right now) at cruising speed on long haul flights. Is it normal for the A380 to have a higher N1 than most planes?

I only notice this high N1 on the A380 and B747.

I think you too high for your weight Right Now so step climbing should do it

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At this rate you gonna use tom much fuel

N1 stays high even at lower altitudes.

N1 is something not to be too concerned about. As long as you’re not at 100% or higher you’re fine.

90 to 95 is completely normal when you’ve just hit cruise.

This may be due to the fact the A380 has not been reworked in over 5 years.

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Ok it’s the physics then.

With most other airliners when I climb correctly and hit cruise, I manage to get N1 to fall right down to 85% and keep it in its normal range. I guess it’s normal for the A380 to have N1 at 90% or above? You might be right maybe the plane needs to be reworked.

A380 and B747 have really high N1 in IF. It’s probably part of the problem why people have reported stalling issues with the A380 when at an inapproapriately high altitude.

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