What is the coolest plane to see at air shows?

What is the best aircraft you have seen at an air show before? My favorite is the F-22 Raptor.

Comment your favorite one.


Mine was 2 years ago when at the SF Airshow at the end a UA 747.


Some F-14s at the Wings Over Houston Airshow


Wasn’t necessarily at the air show itself, but I got to see the Blue Angels F/18s fly by with their smoke on. What a sight! They were very, very loud.

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RAF eurofighter typhoon

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Blue Angels. No other fighter jet beats those.


Avro Vulcan but it’s retired now since 2015 unfortunately.

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I went to a Blue Angels Air Show once and the F-18’s show were amazing. But there were some other airplanes that had a a little smoke system. They fly next to each other and write in the sky.


Those are the GEICO Sky-Typers.


Oh yeah yeah, You said GEICO and it came back to me. There was something about GEICO in the message. That air show was like 5 years ago so I didn’t remember much. Thanks.

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Ahem, Red Arrows are by far the best.

here come the triggered Americans


I would love to see the Red Arrows in person. I’ve seen videos of them and they are definitely one of the world’s best teams.

I love the red arrows, but ive seen them at least 3 times a year since I was about 4 yrs old, last couple of years about 5/6 times a year, so I have actually got a bit bored of their displays now.

For me, I have three, it’s got to be the US thunderbirds, followed closely by the US f22 demo, close behind would be the Ukrainian su27 flanker. All impressive. I absolutely loved the su27, maybe it’s because thier not something you every year at the air tattoo!

Blue Angels by far. See them almost every year at Republic Airport and then Jones Beach


Eurofighter Typhoon. The sheer power of the jet is just amazing.

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at farnborough i liked the A400m

And I’m the only one not to go with a fighter jet here I think. I say the A340-600, I was at the Rand or Waterkloof Airshow, and the plane flew formation with a few other jets low. It was amazing.

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At an air show I saw a F-22 Rapter right next to a B-52.

A slow low flying B2 and any high speed low passing military jet. I once framed a home in Grand Junction, CO., directly under the approach to the regional airport while the Blue Angels we’re practicing for an up coming show. They were so low that I had an unobstructed view of the pilot and after a pass the jobsite was covered in colored smoke. You could smell the raw power. The sound of the approaching turbine was so smooth, with an abrubt violent trailing roar. Amazing stuff.

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Blue angels fat Albert, the paint job is awesome!