What is the cheapest iPad which can handle IF without much lag?

I’m OK with a little bit lag in heavy live usage, but what I want is a new iPad as I have a slow et obsolete iPad 3 (if my dad allows one, which is 50:50 likely). I want one which fulfills the following criteria:

Size: I prefer more than or equal to 9.7", but I’m OK with a small iPad.
Memory: More than or equal to 32 GB
Still in production as of 14/15 March 2017 as my exams end on 14 March.

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iPad Air 2. No need for further discussion. ;)


In that case, how well does the iPad Mini 4 work?

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Hello there!
If you could try to search before posting that would be great:) There is already a topic about this.


iPad Air 2 with 32 or 64 or 128 gb

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No. That one asks what the best iPad is and this asks what is the cheapest iPad that can handle IF without a huge lag. :-)

He said it should be in production as of 15th march 2017

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But it is out of production and I want one which is in production now also.

Oops I didn’t know Apple stopped the production of the iPad Air 1


iPad Mini 2

My 2 year old one still runs IF pretty well, mid-high settings.

For £239 it’s a steal

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