What is the busiest airport?

What are the busiest airports for each servers?


Casual is Lax or Lhr
Training is the same
Expert depend on the atc schedule


Casual: KLAX and EGLL are tied. Training: 1st place goes to KLAX, 2nd to EGLL. Expert: mostly events. ATC schedule. Megahubs often KLAX. Sometimes random airports get traffic which attracts ATC and more traffic.

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That’s not really an answer?

Thank you so much!!!

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I’d figure the big intl. airports are the busiest across all servers. Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Heathrow, Dubai, etc. etc. It varies depending on which airports have ATC service (excl. casual ofc), but it stays pretty consistent.

Personally, I don’t go for the busiest airport, but something that offers some more diversity. Take something simple like Denver to Anchorage (Alaska 737-800): great scenery, not too long or too short, and something good enough for those with or without experience. That’s what got me by when I was virtually devoted to simming on IF.


The answer that I needed, thank you!!!

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Yeah for real, LHR and LAX are the hub of everyone in the training and casual server.

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