What is the biggest most realistic models you can find?

What are the most realistic, and biggest aircraft you can find on the market?

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1:1 scale?


a real life size version


i mean a model that i can buy there are no 1:1 models kinda

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1/32 is pretty much the biggest kits out there. The 1/32 B-29s are huge


1:18 Harrier is pretty big

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Skymarks supreme is a good model in which you can have large aircraft. I found one a few years back, it was a Airbus A380 house colours for £100 and the RRP was nearly £300 but about time I convinced my mum to let me buy it, it went up in price back to £270 I believe. It was 1.100 Scale.

Here is a video of it. It’s huge!

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Gemini200 is the best for a realistic large model.

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