What is the best yoke for infinite flight

Hello everybody! I am playing Infinite Flight for 1year without any yoke or joystick. Now I decided to buy a yoke for Infinite Flight. Which one should i buy? Do you guys have any recommendations? Please let me know.


Hi! I don’t use a yoke but some users do… it’s a little complicated to get the yoke connected to your device.

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Firstly, welcome to the community !

I have a Logitech joystick Extreme 3D PRO
It used to work well with infinite flight,

But since two years ago there has been no good connection software to connect it to an iOS device .

Therefore you wouldn’t be able to connect it until the software is updated .

Currently there is map connect which is in development. I’m on the app so I can’t get the link soz but just search it up .

IF You have an android with USB C connection,

I recommend the Logitech extreme 3D pro as it’s a good joystick that you can connect directly to ur phone with a dongle .

I recommend a joystick as it’s portable and it’s been tested by many users. Yokes need to be mounted on tables and are more complicated to set up.

Hope that helps mate !


Your muscles in your hand.



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I personally utilize the commonly found gyroscope/accelerometer found in most mobile devices by default. Can’t say I’ve really hooked up an actual controller to IF, except for when I was using an Xbox controller with my PC for IF.

This needs to be something expanded upon. I am completely against the community on this as I hate using the iPhone or iPad itself and want actual buttons to click and move. I also love to cast to a monitor or TV, but without a controller or controls, it makes it very hard. Therefore, I personally use a PS4 controller via Bluetooth connection. I also have IF Connect, and therefore get some access to Keyboard commands as well for lights, spoilers, and ATC commands, but it is a headache as it requires a separate PC available. I used to connect the PS4 controller through PC and therefore via IF Connect, but the throttle isn’t smooth and jumps 5-7% each button click. So you have to spam R2/L2 to move it; although you do get access to the touchpad, R3/L3 and a couple other buttons you do not get on the direct Bluetooth connection (But I have heard a stop of support on IF Connect. What a shame in my opinion).

With that being said, I am actively looking for a good HOTAS, preferably with a yoke, with a set of rudder pedals too. IF compares to x-plane and MFS in my opinion, just mobile focused. Controller support is a must, but to compete I would sure appreciate a good set of certified HOTAS. To my knowledge both are kind of frowned upon and if you look at the posts in the past people are shocked people use controllers and swear by their accelerometer and touch buttons.

To each their own. Let me know what you go with and if it works. I will do the same. I did find a video here, but the dude didn’t do everything properly IMO so it could work better.

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Firstly, Thanks for your reply. I want to buy a logitech g saitek pro or thrustmaster t16000m yoke and throttle. Which one will be better.

As I do not believe many use external hardware; I believe your best bet would be to buy both from a place that allows free returns. Try both, and return the one that isn’t superior. You may also find out that only 1 is compatible with IF.

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Thanks @xHollywood93

@Tanwar_Ahmed_Chowdhu just found this…

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Yeah but what software would u use to connect to ur device

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I personally use the Extreme 3D pro. I have my own custom setup for the buttons and moving of the yoke. I would recommend it although not everybody’s got the same setup and/or wants for a joystick.

I use an Xbox One controller but the only problem is sometimes I can’t get the controller to reconnect without closing the app. Now I haven’t tried this but maybe a usb to bluetooth device could be used.

Hello and welcome to the community! :) Hope you have a great time here!

I think the Logitech G PRO is a good yolk for the price.

Here’s a link:

Sorry to be a little off-topic but, I am Bangladeshi too! I live in New Jersey, which is in the United States.

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@Harsha44 I use android. I guess i don’t need any software.

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@ItsAL Thanks. But the problem it’s throttle quadrant doesn’t have any reverse thrust. How will i apply reverse thrust after the plane touch down?

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