What Is The Best Website for Airfares?

Calling all frequent flyers!!

Over the course of the past few years, I’ve been looking for the best and cheapest airfares, helping my family find a good fare and travel if we find the perfect one. The problem with them is the prices, if different booking websites give different prices, which one would you consider the best and, if you want, explain why?

Personally, I’ve been using Google Flights and Skyscanner for finding fares and if I’m desperate, some different random websites I find. I am curious to see what you use to find good and cheap fares that I could maybe use in the future and maybe travel more frequently.


I don’t know if these are the best, and as I’m only 14 my parents do all the planning, but I would probably use the classics like Expedia and Travelocity etc…


We use Expedia quite often unless we fly with Southwest

look up google flights , it beat any website

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Actual airline websites. So if you’re going on Alaska go to the Alaska airline website.


Be sure to read the rules and conditions of various websites. I try to book directly with the airline because I often need last minute changes.

I have found over the years that some of the deal websites limit you on cancellations or changes. Even weather related changes may be harder if you are booked with a discount website. Some sites limit you on your scheduled and even seats. Keep in mind if you are checking a bag as some will mix carriers requiring you to recheck your bag on your layover. I guess I am saying just be careful.

This also applies to hotel and car reservations. You may save a few bucks but it is worth it in the end to book directly.

I will often use skiplagged.com and google flights to see schedules if I am looking for something specific and then go to the airline site.

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My family is normally extremely specific. With very specific dates, no layovers. Reluctancy in booking layovers is a thing because of an ordeal we had during a layover in Frankfurt.

Yeah layovers are hard to plan for. Sometimes the airline will do a 1 hour layover but there are some airports where if I see 1 hour I pass on. ORD, CLT mainly. All it takes is one storm to delay everything and impact your layover.

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Exactly what happened in Frankfurt. Flights delayed combined with an airport with extremely slow security checkpoints isn’t very good.

Google flights to have an overview of the options and then booking/checking the prices/connections with the possible airlines is how I try to get the best fares.

That was the situation for my last trip as well. Sometimes you can’t get good prices under those circumstances unfortunately, but I would still try what I wrote above.

First, a quick search on google flights to see what prices I can find there. Usually I try and find a fun routing to fly with new aircraft or something similar, but other times I usually just try and book the quickest way to get there depending on my destination and reason of travel. Then I’ll check the airline’s website, and see what is offered which is what prices along with the aircraft, airline, and duration. If I can’t find something good, I’ll check other airlines’ websites like if I were looking at Lufthansa’s flights, I’d check United’s to see what they’re offering for similar flights as they can be different in some occasions, or there will be more options to get somewhere.

I generally avoid airports to connect like Boston or Chicago during winter time because of the high chance of delays/cancellations, and also connection time as I avoid connections between 5-14 hours but everything else is usually fine.

Use Momondo. It is very very good.

It was because of this I found out that for a specific time duration, San Jose (SJC) to London (LHR) was cheaper

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But when the time comes, I’ll check for flights on Expedia

I book directly with the airline so I can use my Qantas Points on Upgrades or expedia if not with Qantas or Qantas partners

I use sky scanner it searches all databases for flights


Yeah I mean sometimes if I find a good deal I book w skyscanner but I mostly book directly with Qantas or Expedia. But in my opinion I book directly with the airline so I can cancel it easily if there are any last minute changes.

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