What is the best way to land the a380?

What you can do is … keep your device still when approaching final and intercepting ILS (make sure to calibrate before turning off AP) … use trim to keep nose up of your aircraft and use throttle to increase or decrease altitude as well as alignment with the glidescope ,instead of tilting your device continuously.

135 - 145 airspeed is best speed to land

As for crosswind landing … forget about alignment with centre line(you can do that just before touch down or after landing) … just land it safely 🙂

Crosswind Landing

For more information about crosswind landing check this out 👆👆

Try to pull off an all trim landing, I have done it before with the 717 (it has very similar physics) you will actually land softly, it does take a lot of practice though.

By landing it appropriatley

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