What is the best way to form a callsign?

Lets take TK1781 for example. A flight from Istanbul to Copenhagen. Should I set my callsign as Turkish 1781 or Turkish 9ST? Since you can’t type THY9ST directly as your callsign. Anyone that knows please help.


The abbreviation THY is what is used for flight numbers and ATC so they don’t have a long name due to the short field.
“Turkish” is the airlines call sign which is why Infinite Flight has put it like that due to the text to speech

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So what is the best way? Turkish 1781 or Turkish 9ST?

For callsign I just put the airline name and the flight number, in this case Turkish 1781, and if you are using an aircraft that uses the heavy suffix, the final callsign would be Turkish 1781 Heavy. You are free to use whatever callsign you want, I just use this to maximize realism

Sometimes the flight number is not the most realistic callsign. It’s best to check on flightradar24 for the exact callsign. If it shows as THY9ST, the realistic callsign would be Turkish 9ST where THY is the ICAO code of Turkish Airlines. TK1781 is simply the flight number and not necessarily the callsign used.


Didn’t know that, thanks for explaining. :)

Thank you!

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