What is the best way to connect an yoke+ throttle?

What is the best way to connect those two on IF. Is there any application.
And also what is the best way to use another screen wich is bigger then my Ipad, is it possible to use apple TV? And or is it handy?

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You can use LiveFlight Connect!

You have made two topics with the same subject. Please only make one, so this one should be closed because you have a solution on the other.



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Thanks both! rlly appreciated.

If you’re connecting a joystick, Bluetooth is an option but you will experience a “Bluetooth delay”, or alternatively if you don’t want to use liveflight, if you can get hold of an OTG cable (USB to lightning) then that would give you a simple setup that is easy to maintain.

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Thanks! Good day!

Kirito, does lightning to USB work? I thought it didn’t work due to certain requirements (power etc) from Apple.

Typically there can be some connection issues which is why you can use Liveflight Connect, however some joysticks can work over the lightning port.

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Any ideas on which? Would love to try but I’ll see about making sure it’s the right brand

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