What is the best server to fly in? Casual, Training, or Expert?

Can anyone tell me what’s the best server to fly in?

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Depends on what your needs are. Are you looking to fly professionally, practice your flying, do some patterns? etc.


Depending on if you want to have a real, good flight I recommend Expert


This is a question that is just completely based on opinion and how the person likes to fly…

my opinions…
Casual - more for messing around, doing craziness, doing TnG’s

Training - you’ve received violations cause AP turned off in the middle of the night and you have no choice until the 7 days are passed… or you are doing ATC training for someone on a tracking thread

Expert - you enjoy flying in a professional manor, and enjoy taking advantage of quality ATC services


I don’t seem to get any violation when I’m flying the F-22

It all depends on your preferences!
Training is good because there are a plethora of airports opened around the world, but doesn’t have the utmost professional experiences. Traffic is also not extremely clumped up.
Expert is good for maximum realism, the controllers know what they’re doing and the pilots behave. There is naturally clumps of traffic where ATC is for that day.
Casual is for those wishing to be extremely fast patterns at uncontrolled airports or those that wish to goof off and do mach 1 in a 777 or do acrobatic airshows etc.


You don’t receive speed violations in fighters unless you’re doing acrobatics in an airports airspace, and or fly into a controlled airspace and dont follow the rules


Yes, the F-22 has no speed limits, still you need to mantain a reasonable speed while
Under ATC control though :)

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I got a good hint on this recently, made in the light of speed violations, which can occur during long haul flights, ascending too high, too fast, while the pilot is sleeping or elsewhere. When you want to kill the risk of speed violations all together, it may not be a bad idea to do your long haul flights on Casual server.

Training server is a great place for many, because all the big obvious airports are always open, and many pilots like this. ATC knowledge varies much from person to person. Also, it’s good to fly for Trainee ATCs who are always looking for pilots to fly for them.

Expert is expert: trained ATCs, and you dont always fly to the same airports all the time. Instead, the weekly ATC schedule, give you reasonable predicability of which airports are open.

Hope this view helps a bit.


You guys are all saying the same thing. Why not just like what mwe2187 said.

Mine’s just better. Well written, entertaining, exciting and educational 😉😋


I personally like to fly in the Expert Server because most players follow the rules. Overall the Expert Server is good experience.

@azeeuwnl Said a few different things, like the tip to do long hauls on casual.

Isn’t that what happens on literally every single thread ever, where one person gets repeated over an over again, just so people feel “involved”?

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For me it has to be Expert. I play this game to simulate realism and expert is definetly the place to do that. However if you like doing crazy things I recommend causal. The only reason I would ever use training server is if I get a whole bunch of violations or If for any reason I am demoted to grade 2.

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