What is the best Samsung mobile for IF?

Hi all, What is the best Samsung mobile for IF?
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I think Samsung Edge and after S4 Series…

Probably the Note 5…


Samsung Galaxy S2+ definitely, 2 FPS with 4 aircraft around. JK, just go for the newest.

It runs perfectly on my Note 4! But I use an iPad Pro.
There are newer models already, so I guess the Note 5 or the S6 Edge + would be great as well.

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The newest one whichever that is.

I have a Samsung and I’m not having a good experience with it. You’ll be better if you buy a tablet with Android.

I don’t think you can have best and Samsung in the same sentence.


My S6 edge+ runs it smoothly at max settings. Which is a miracle considering all the bloatware installed as standard!


I think I will go for Note5

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I have deep rooted connections with Samsung. And honestly your best bet is for sure the Note 5, from personal experience it has a lot of memory and a great screen fro IF.

That is my old phone xD Quite stable actually!

Yes, but it’s not really something else than stable ;)

yes you can, Note 5 4GB RAM with 4g network is super-fly

Haha, enjoy your Touchwiz!



And free bloatware.



That’s a beast, and they are right; multi million dollar campaigned brands are under-performing nowadays.

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You can simply root it after warranty expires xD

I know what you mean. Mine stops working for whatever reason. Without warning.

Or get a OnePlus and root it without voiding the warranty!