What is the best regional jet or aircraft?

  • CS Series
  • CRJ
  • ERJ
  • E-Jet
  • MRJ
  • Dash 8
  • ATR
  • AN-158
  • Sukhoi Superjet

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Sukhoi SSJ for life

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I’m torn between the CSeries and AN-158. I love them both.


CSeries are actually not regional
They are short-medium range narrow body jet airliner
Like the B737

ERJ is amazing! 😍😍

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Based on the poll people like bombardier the best

Erj145 :p just a little biased

I’m also biased being from Canada. Dash 8 it is. And you’ll sort of like my profile pic.

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I like the E-Jets (E-170, 175, 190, 195), I’ve flown on them and the ERJ-145 and CRJ-700/900, and the E-Jets are by far the best. But I like the CRJ’s second best, ERJ-145 the 3rd.

The ERJ Series look so amazing. I love those little jets to bits. The ERJ-145XR looks awesome with those little winglets

That said they aren’t so economical, then the prize will go to the CS Series or the E-Jets (More so the E2s, but the first generation isn’t bad at all).

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