What is the best region to fly for long distance?

I want to fly long distance on IF, can someone please tell me a good one.

South Florida, Singapore & Kuala Lumpur, Chicago, Denver and Charlotte are some of the largest regions in IF.


SIN-KUL and TPA-MIA are possibly the best routes to do long distance. I do a climb to 30k feet then do a gradual descent, overshoot the airport to burn off more speed and altitude, then fly in.

Other than that, ORD-Peoria, Amsterdam region has Dusseldorf and Charleroi/Brussels that can be fun flight.

ASE-DEN. CLT-AGS, HNL-KOA or the other island airports. SXM-PTP.

Thanks mate

Thanks Lauren

PHNL to PHTO (Hawaii) are good commercial long routes