What is the best recording app for Android?

Does someone knows what the best recording app is on Android?

What do you need one for?

I want to recort videos of infinite flight.
Ant post them on youtube.

I am currently trying out a few but too have a really good recording app unfortunately you need root. Since I don’t I’m going with AZ Screen Recorder which unfortunately only records screen or Screen & Mic. For recording internal sound you need root - hope I could help.

Yup, AZ Screen Recorder is the best one so far. It has slow motion, time lapse, pause live recording, show or not show touches, ability to add your own text and logos, overlay front facing cameras to record you and what is on the screen, countdown timer, record sound on or off, full control over resolution and frame rate, and the videos are as clear as what you see on the screen.

Edit: Knew I forgot something, Draw screen, which allows you to draw on your screen as your are recording. Great feature if you like making tutorials.
Also has the ability to trim videos.

I can’t download it

You can’t download it from the Play Store?

How about shou?

It isnt comparible with my version

You must have Android version 5 for it to work.
In that case, Mobizen is another good one that should work for you.

Like Fully_Flight suggested, you could try Shou as well, if your phone is rooted. I have never tried it.

FYI, next Android update will have a feature to easily record your flight directly inside of the app. iOS should follow soon (dealing with a 3rd party bug).


So you guys using 3rd party software to record flights in IF?

Any idea on how much storage something like a 20 minute recording would take up? My current screen recorder (On android) can’t even record a pattern before it fills up my phone :p

I cant wait to yuse it.

Depends on how many fps and with what resolution you record. My experience is that with 30 fps and 720p 15 min take about 0,5 GB which is why my recording app saves everything on a external SD card.

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Agreed - for what do you use your recordings?

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No, that’s not what I ment. When you’ve recorded your flight or whatever want do you use the recording for?