What is the best pattern work aircraft (poll)

I would recommend you using the Cessna 172 since it’s a very easy aircraft to fly! And a great training aircraft too if your practicing pattern works!

These people on top are absolute GODS 😱😱😂😂


I use the 737 IF livery haha

If I’m being honest, the A318.


personally i think that 747s are a great pattern work choice :)


Check out this.

For me its the SR22, just an absolute charm to pilot and the liveries are awesome! @Skyler.Cooper I imagine you will vote for the Spitfire, your a legend in that thing!

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thanks a lot man!!!

Either a TBM, C172, or a small airliner (a318 or 737 usually, sometimes a CRJ)
Or the 717 if I’m feeling ambitious lol

You know me too well… 😂

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The 737-700 is the best for me, but from that list, the C208

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Nobody mentioned doing insane maneuvers with the F22 on casual?

That’s been my go to for the majority of patterns. I got like 180 landings in around an hour at LAX once. It’s hella good if u can maneuver it well

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hmm, i will try that

I know this aircraft isn’t in the poll, but the Boeing 737-700, Infinite Flight 2018 Livery.

I rarely use anything else.

A318 ACJ >. @TaipeiGuru can attest


A320… I use it too much in IFATC sessions

And you always smush my plane with it during tests 🥺

I remember a time when you got sandwiched during a training session… lol

Oh yeah that was at one of Taipei’s haha. We were gonna sandwich him, but oh how the tables turned

It must be A318 - Infinite Flight 2018, I usually use it in training sessions, but A-10 is also good lol


Yes Cris! Splendid choice