What is the best long haul flight?

What is your favorite long haul flight that you have ever done? Share it here along with maybe a pic or two, and what aircraft you used. Which has the best scenery, which is the most difficult for you, which is the most fun? Share your best flight here.

I suggest you take a look at some flights here. :)


I’ve seen this before. I was more looking for people’s favorites instead of just their regular flights. :)

This is because we would prefer to have all flight’s under one topic instead of seperate topics 🙂😉.

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I just want a section of all of them here though. Instead of wading through the swamp to find a good flight.

To add onto Chief,

This sounds very similar to the topic linked… you could possibly talk with @LouDon about incorporating a part of your topic into his, or you could post these few sentences in that thread and see what people think :)