What is the Best livery on IFC

Yeah. What is the Best livery on IF

My self personally I love the United 777-300er livery

I like the Ethiad A321 the most. I flew it today and realized how beautiful the new Ethiad livery is! But: There are so many liveries in IF that I probably haven’t even seen so it’s always worth looking at some exotic aircraft!


I love the new airBaltic, and Air France on the upcoming BCS3! They just have the perfect match on the fuselage. Minimalistic but modern!

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There are many of these threads on the forum that have been created in the past. Most of the time, they get used for maybe a day or two and then become inactive. These threads only require one answer before there is no more to be said.

If you are curious about this question, I’d utilize the search tool and read at past threads for best livery, airline, etc