What is the best free VA website hosting service?

What’re the best FREE websites VA developers use? I tried a few and one crashed my computer, the other was extremely limited.

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Weebly is the best free website creator. Tons of our Virtual Airlines have used this website creator and the results are phenomenal!


Thanks. I just found it to be too generic and limited.

Wix is awesome!


Your not going to find anything you can use and bend to your liking THAT much that’s free

I hand code all mine, feel free to PM me and I can make one for you.


There is only so much you can get with a free creator. I personally believe you can get more out of Weebly, and I also it is more user friendly than Wix. This is my preference though. Some of our bigger Virtual airlines are creating more advanced Websites that are handed-coded. I believe this costs a few dollars though, but the result makes your VA stand out from the rest.


What do you use? HTML?

Yes. Wordpress is also a good option.

True that!

I use Google sites

I tried that. How do you like it?

It’s pretty good.

Isn’t hand coding very tedious and time consuming? I’m sure it’s worth it but still…

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It can be, but for me it’s something I really enjoy and the end result is certainly worth it. Some examples of what I’ve done are;
VGVA Website
IFCI Website

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Look, you can either use a free website builder, or you can code it yourself. There’s no “fast, easy, fully customizable website builder”

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I get that… I am only looking for helpful suggestions.

Those look great. I’d love to learn how to do it.

Yes, but there’s only one way to learn to do something. Try it, editing CSS on a wordpress.org site is pretty simple as long as you have a basic template to work from, so not from scratch. I taught myself how to do it along time ago and it’s a helpful skill to have.

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As said above, Weebly, Wix, Wordpress are all good. You can also use godaddy, however I have never used it so I am not sure. There are plenty of free website makers.