What is the best flight you had?

The majority of my top 10 were flights with the IFAE team. But this one capped it off. It was IFAE’s largest turnout at an event, one that I had the honor to co-host, dominating the north-midwestern sky with hundreds of planes, all in support of cancer research. It’s amazing what a team can do.


I was flying from Jeddah to San Francisco via Istanbul and the 2nd leg of the flight (LTBA-KSFO) was sooo good. I had the row all the way in the front of economy class so I had extra leg room and it made a 13 hr flight feel like a 3 hour flight.

Hawaiian a330, KLAX - PHKO, First class. Wonderful all around

Best flight… I got good grades all year so I was treated on a 16 hour Business class for Qatar Airways on a A350

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You lucky guy. Never flew anything bigger than a 737 or A320. Never even visited another continent.

This one from SJC to PDX where there was more crew than passengers on the plane.

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It was JFK-Doha 16 hours thenn… I missed my flight from Doha to Keiv I’m Ukranian. So In Doha they have a room for kids they have PS4’s they got free food on your liking they free WIFI. And since I had to stay for 1and a half day they gave me my free hotel room


From Kiev Qatar sometimes use an A320 to Doha. Same thing to Warsaw. But they usually use an Airbus A330.

Mine was on a Finnair A330. the food was amazing, and the seats were amazing for economy!

Yes it was a A320 THEY HAD TV SCREANS

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Not sure if you would see it as a good one.

It was my first flight above 10000kilometer and I was unable to eat while flying. We have been flying from Frankfurt to Doha and I was feeling very unwell after 2 flight hours. In Doha there where some staff memebers waiting for me, I got a lot of good food in Doha for free and medical help, after that I spend 3 hours in the lounge, most time with laying on the ground, before we were flying to Adelaide. On the airport was nearly noone so the people helped me so good and I saw how friendly those people were there. On the second flight I got 2 free seats to me and the flight assistants gave me some chocolate and cookies.when I arrived in Adelaide, I again had a small medical check and a long talk with the very friendly flight assistants.

When I get the opportunity I would fly again with Qatar because their staff is soooo friendly and they can help so much better than flight assistants from all other airlines.

@DanyyRude I was in the exact same room :p

Mine was Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 on upper class to Barbados! I was only young then but looking back I’m glad I got to fly their 747-400 as they are planning to remove them from their fleet.

Nice!!nice airlines

I always fly in business class every summer to LAX, always such a great exprerience with KLM 747 or 787 or 777

My best flight was Stockholm - Doha
Business class in a Qatar A350

Everything was great!

My best flight is Saudia 77W from Los Angeles to Riyadh in Business class. I was also able to see the amazing Northern Light.

Niceeee I liked that flight

Ya I love the view of the city and the boats 👍🏽😄

Short Haul: Singapore Airlines First Class A380 HKG-SIN best seat in the air.
Medium Haul: EVA Air Business Class A330-300 TPE-DPS best view during approach.
Long Haul: EVA Air Business Class B777-300ER TPE-JFK with Northern Lights

Alaska Airlines
Aircraft: 737-800 With Split Scimitars
Route: Seattle, WA - Juneau, AK

The staff was nice, the plane was comfortable, there was no turbulence and the scenery was great! I saw mountains, turquoise water, and the town of Juneau on decent.

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