What is the best Device to play IF on?

does anyone know what is the best iPad to play IF on i’m thinking of the latest iPad but there might be a better solution

Android is soooooooo much better. Get a gaming smartphone like a Ausus gaming smartphone


Check this out !

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thank you so much. this is very helpful

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An ipad pro or ipad 2018 are two of the best devices to use for infinite flight.


iPads (especially the new ones) run IF the best out of any devices cause of their new A10 bionic chip and their storage capacity

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    Yeah, that’s why… 😌
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Just as @JacksonAviation and @Hamza.N iPads are a great device to fly on but I’m sure there are other devices that work just as well.


But just imagine playing Infinite Flight with the Samsung Fold…🤔🤔

iPad Pro 10.5 is the perfect device for IF in my opinion!

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I use android and I have no problems with it. Thats my #1 choice

@roostbrood it’s what makes the devices run fast, and the A10 is fast

Alright, thanks!

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I have an I-phone-8, it works well, but I would suggest an I-pad Mini, perfect size.

I have the 2018 iPad Pro and it works great. The iPad hasn’t gotten hot.

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